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Ile cię trzeba cenić


Tryptych, 3mx1m
Photography project that documents with a nostalgic eye the decay of Gdansk Port, in Gdansk,Poland - scene of the 80's workers strikes against the communist regime. With the arrival of the new economic system, the company that run the port area turned out to be unprepared for capitalism and bankrupted, leaving the cradle of the historic workers union “Solidarności” abandoned for a long time. Nowadays in the hands of a Ukrainian oligarch group, for most Poles the site isn't just a company but a symbol for resistance. In the last years it has been at the center of discussion, as it has been reclaimed by opposing interest groups as occupying artist, union workers of a nowadays almost dead workers movement and construction speculators. While the embarrassment of what to do with it is growing,memory is slowly falling apart.

The work's title is a quote of polish national poet Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz, compulsory lecture in Polish schools. It's most famous verse starts with  

« Litwo! Ojczyzno moja! ty jesteś jak zdrowie;
Ile cię trzeba cenić, ten tylko się dowie,
Kto cię stracił. Dziś piękność twą w całej ozdobie
Widzę i opisuję, bo tęsknię po tobie. »

"Lithuania, my country! You are as good health:

How much one should prize you, he only can tell

Who has lost you. Your beauty and splendour I view

And describe here today, for I long after you."


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