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I am interested in working on group dynamics, collective decision making and collective creating in local communities. From the beginning my practice has had an invasive and public character. Over time I have always nurtured and worked towards interactivity and participatory practices, receiving influences from theatre, carnival and traditional rituals. My main aim is to offer an interactive tool to the observer, to examine power location in everyday life. Using interactive approaches as interviews or games and transforming their outcome into installations and performances, has allowed me to address social issues like environmental crimes, sexual harassment, homelessness and age. Being myself a survivor of domestic violence, I believe trauma only gains universality if lived, experienced and processed with others. As a white, Polish migrant woman in Germany and Italy, I am constantly deciphering an existence defined by discrimination and privilege at the same time. I am fascinated by Europe’s awkward relationship with immigration, and its open racism in the last years, which invites me to experiment with the creation of new rituals from the scratch and the setting up free spaces for the purpose of pursuing authentic desires, putting major weight on the appropriation and alterability of public space. 


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