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 „I feel a bit like a boxer – for a boxer, defeat isn’t a drama, it’s a reason to keep going even stronger“                                                                                                                                              Female,19

Participatory performance inside a deconsecrated confessional in San Giuseppe delle Scalze church.

" Invitation:  I invite all of you to tell me the most intense moments of your life. Make this magnificent gift - make me remain in awe in front of the theatre of your existence. Your combats against the dragons on the bus, the treasure discoveries at the super market, the safaris in the town hall, the love adventures with the neighbour downstairs - the stuff from which ancient mythology is made. I want to be the seismograph that records your personal earthquakes on paper using an artistic-scientific method: the record of the seismic waves of life, that hit your surface and shake you down to the bottom, resulting in a seismogram of your emotions and experiences. This "intensogram" will be given as a gift to who makes me resonate through their adventures at the end of the "confession".  Life, the temporary space contained between birth and death of an individual is interpreted as a frequency, rather than a straight line, an intense and ecstatic vibration of existence. We are the crust of the earth"

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