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La plage

Château Arnoux-Saint Auban, 2017

Soundinstallation, created with participants during a workshop at the MJC Culture Centre of Saint-Auban. The project was divided into two parts: the first one, a sound workshop during which the participants experimented with recording sound and creating soundscapes. The second one consisted in interviews directed by the participants while visiting people at home or at work. The stories of life-time inhabitants from Saint-Auban, a city deeply influenced by its industrial past, and newcomers, some of them risking their lifes in the Mediterranean Sea, were mixed in an Audio-installation in a public space. The idea was to bring together the two sides of the Mediterranean, which during summer have very different concerns:  one side thinks about vacation, while on the other people start their journey on the "back way" to Europe. The installation was part of the Festival "Regarde Sous Tes Fenêtres" in form of a symbolic beach in the middle of the town, luring with relaxing wave sounds. Once seated in the beach chair, visitors could listen to the testimonials of several refugees from Mali.  

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