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South Italy, 2017


- Work shortlisted for FORECAST FORUM -

Robots with Artificial Intelligence are among us, so instead of seeing them as the antipode of human perception of life, we try to regard A. I. as a further jump, just as the discovery of fire or the upright position, in human evolution. They are us, and what do we want them to know and remember about us?


Memories are almost inseparably connected to emotions – how can we pass them to a being that from our point of view has none? And are we sure A.I. doesn't create memories as we understand it?


The idea was to explore the concept of nostalgia, and of life memories as they have been passed over to newer generations until now: The inhabitants of several small villages in Southern Italy were asked in extensive interviews to define the memories and knowledge about humans they would like to pass to Artificial Intelligence. These interviews dwell into traditions, every-day movements and habits, as well as objects that represent the past. The resulting material was used to create a chatbot which melts all the stories into one rather contradictory Meta-ElderlyPerson, ready to interact and share its experiences with the public

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