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Napoli 2017

Participatory project

Artistic proposal of a sensory garden for the  Contest "Un´opera per il castello" at Sant'Elmo Castle in Napoli. The garden is divided into 5 oasis, each one dedicated to a single sense. The visitor lives a very personal trip through the stimulation of touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight which culminates in a final community space. The project was developped in collaboration of a multicultural group of artists, architects, agronomists and students from 9 different countries, as a way of telling their own story in a symbolic space, located in one of the most representative historical monuments of the city. Partcipants: Ekaterina Volkova, Kseniya Pashchenko, David Terino, Davide Putaggio, Laura Suarato, Abdallah Djella, Roberta De Gregorio, Oleg Bulat, Reda El Gauozi, Bubacarr Sanyang, Lavinia Caruso, Francesco D’Amico, Luigi Luongo, Viktoria Dorohokupets.

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